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Nico Bolzico Is Leaving For Argentina And Will Miss Erwan Heussaff The Most

The sepanx between the two is real.
PHOTO: Instagram/erwan

Nico Bolzico is leaving for Argentina, where he’ll be with his family (without wife Solenn Heussaff) for three weeks for the holidays. In his Instagram video posted on December 20, he says he’ll miss his brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff the most.

While Erwan seems aloof or disinterested in Nico’s video, that’s not the case in real life. He commented on Nico's video, "5 years and 35 days today" and included a heart emoji, referring to his "anniversary" with the businessman.

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Yesterday, Erwan also wrote about Nico on Instagram, saying, “It's also the time of the year when @nicobolzico leaves me for Argentina. Meaning I'm going to have [to] spend time with @solenn without Nico...that really makes me sad. It's like eating a cone without the ice cream.”

Of course, this prompted a reaction from his sister Solenn, who fired back “you mother effer.”

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Erwan casually replied, “We have the same mother, dude.” Solenn then explained that she meant Erwan is the "mother of all effers," and ends up calling him “King of the Fs” and “Cassava Traitor.”

Meanwhile, Nico is touched by Erwan’s post. He commented, “Tearing! Emotional! Sensitive! Demonstrative…words can’t describe!”