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PSA: Dingdong Dantes Is The Newest Member Of The Bullied Husbands Club

We bet Marian Rivera is LOL-ing over this!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/dongdantes, (RIGHT) Instagram/nicobolzico

Remember when the #bulliedhusbandsclub was born? During a trip to Portugal, Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff posted photos of them ~*tormenting*~ their husbands. And just like that, Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff became its co-founders! Time passed and the club grew, and Nico recruited more members: Adrien SemblatArthur Burnand, and Moritz Gastl.

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He also welcomed Wil Dasovich (who's technically not a husband) to the club:   

It looks like they have a new member because Nico recently posted a photo of him and Dingdong Dantes during a fun run and said, "At the #bulliedhusdbandsclub we are constantly recruiting; and today we have the pleasure to announce that we have incorporated a key asset to the team, the unique @dongdantes... #ElDantes have joined the club 2 days ago upon full approval from @marianrivera."

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According to Nico, Dingdong will be the club's Chief Operations Officer and his credentials include:  

1. Being fluent in wife dialect where "five minutes" means "one hour" or YES means NO.
2. Holding the record for the fastest "yes dear" ever answered.
3. Being compliant with matching outfits when going out.
4. Being an expert shopping bag holder.
5. A master's degree in detecting when the wife is moody because she's hungry.

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Nico (who always plays safe) added a disclaimer at the end of his post, which was addressed to Dingdong's wife, Marian Rivera

"Dear Marian Rivera Dantes, this post is simply a joke and doesn't reflect reality; if it bothers you in anyway, it will be immediately eliminated and you will receive an apology letter written by @erwan and signed by the whole #BulliedHusdbandsClub."

We can't wait for more of your recruits, Nico! 

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