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Nico Bolzico And Erwan Heussaff Recreated Chris Hemsworth’s *Snow Bath* Photo And It's Hilarious

As always, the internet loved Nico and Erwan’s signature sense of humor!
Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff recreated Chris Hemsworth's snow bath photo
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/chrishemsworth, Instagram/nicobolzico

Let's be honest: Nico Bolzico is one of the funniest local celebs on Instagram. Once again, he didn’t disappoint when he posted a photo of him and his brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff recreating Chris Hemsworth’s *snow bath* photo, casually pretending that they're actually ~friends~. LOL!

ICYMI, Nico and Erwan are both in France right now, where they celebrated the holidays with the rest of the family. The two, who proudly call themselves members of the #BulliedHusbandsClub, braved the city’s freezing temps by lying on the snow just to take the Insta-famous photo.

Nico and Erwan recreated snow bath photo
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Nico captioned, “Fun fact, Erwan and I have this chat group with @chrishemsworth and his friends, where we exchange crazy ideas and talk about random stuff. Here’s a funny intimate super close friends moment, when we actually replicated a picture that was sent to the chat group. Lol, crazy fun with these peeps, we are really super close, lol!”

The entrepreneur further drew laughs from netizens with his choice of hashtags: “#Friendship #RealFriends #BFF #IntimateMoments #YesWeAreFriendsWithChris #Brotherhood #Family #InYourFaceRyanReynolds”

ICYDK, Chris has a longstanding ‘feud’ with his co-marvel Actor Ryan Reynolds. Last year, the Thor actor jokingly called his co-Marvel star 'a d*ckhead', 'the worst actor', and the 'world’s least favorite Canadian'. The trash talk saga is only for fun, though!

Of course, fans loved Nico and Erwan’s signature sense of humor. Check out some of the amused reactions by netizens below:

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Good one, you two! Fingers crossed that Chris sees this and joins in on the fun.


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