We Officially Give The 'Witty IG Husband Award' To Nico Bolzico!

If this isn't IG husband goals, we don’t know what is!
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

By now, we all know that Nico Bolzico is not only an It Girl hubby, he also has his own claim to social media fame by having the funniest IG captions ever! (Like, srsly he is our FAVE.) We noticed as well that Nico dedicates his most hilarz IG posts to his muse/wife Solenn Heussaff.

The Argentinian agriculturist is part witty and part crass, but ever so loving when he pokes fun at his dear ‘wifezilla’ Sos. Here are the many times Nico cracked us up via his IG captions about Solenn:

"Waking up to this on Saturday morning! My perfect intense wifezilla showing she is not perfect ... Stiffer than lechon's skin! I am gonna get in some s*** for posting this but it is totally worth it! #solennstiffing #cumbia"

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"Here is when i was trying to kill @solennheussaff w my most powerful weapon ... My nose! She stills alive!"

"Uuuuyyyy boobies!"

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"Last night my extremely super nova archie total talented fiancee in her first exibit! Huge sucess! Congrats love! #solennart Solenn's talents: painting, acting, singing, make up, cooking, designing, hosting, etc.

Nico's talent: funny guy!"

"Always dreamt to have a wife that cooks for me braless! Sexy mamacita!

... I did the dishes ... #solenncooking"

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"@solennheussaff in Lemon Yellow looking sexy as usual and me, looking at the horizon, pouting and wearing glasses that i clearly dont need at night, just to pull off a nerdy look that clearly doesnt fit me and that is not really happening! Great night though, great night!"

"Cow carpets anyone? Get 3 and bring the animal on top w u! @solennheussaff"

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"This sexy mama rocking the stage last night at her concert #fantansie! Congrats @solennheussaff and @poevirginia!

I would have prefered a bit more clothes on ...."

"Earlier today at #adoraph event incredibly hosted by @officialtimyap...

Still not sure which one of these three is my wife!"

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"Pasalubong shopping before leaving Milan! For the 18392th time @solennheussaff you are NOT and you do NOT look fat! What are you doing buying pasta anyways?"

"@solennheussaff vs the fly, chapter 1! What i face every morning! Follow me to discover what happens in this epic battle ... #solennvsfly"

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"Came back home from football and wifezilla is cooking, not sure if I should be happy or scared!#solennscissorshand #solenncooking"

"Picture taken #123 at #casapulgosa after swimming!

...She is so into me that it is not even funny!"

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"@solennheussaff wants me to wear these "hot pants" to yoga class today! I refuse! Clearly I have something to declare!"

"Solenn just discovered Musical.ly

... I am marrying this!"

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"And the struggle begins! Forever will make sense! #sosbolz"

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