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Nico Bolzico's Message For Soon-To-Be Dads: 'We should be 100% there for them to make ourselves useful'

Nico posted yet another heartwarming message for Solenn!

Six months into Solenn Heussaff’s pregnancy, husband Nico Bolzico posted yet another heartwarming message for his wife plus a reminder for soon-to-be dads everywhere.

On Instagram, Nico shared a gorgeous photo of Solenn on October 14. He started his post by saying: “It hasn’t been [an] easy journey for us and we still have three more months to go, but the love for our baby girl and the support of our loved ones have made us overcome all the obstacles!”

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Nico, who is expecting a baby girl with Solenn, continued, “Since I met Solenn, I [have] always felt that she was too good for me. But since she is pregnant, I don’t only feel she is good for me, but I also feel like the most useless human being on earth.”

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Nico also shared his realizations since Solenn’s pregnancy. “I thought I knew Solenn but seeing her pregnant changed my whole perception of her as a woman. I didn’t know she could be capable of so much love, but also, I wasn’t aware of her strength,” he shared.

Addressing the guys, Nico shared some tips on how to keep the wife happy while she goes through pregnancy. Nico wrote, “We think we are the stronger gender, but we don’t understand how wrong we are until we see them being pregnant. We should be 100% there for them to make sure we make ourselves useful if [or] when they need us, don’t complain, don’t ask questions, just do what your woman [asks] you to do, because you will never be able to do what she is doing for you!”

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Meanwhile, Solenn posted a rare message for Nico as she explained, “I’m not the type to be too public and write long captions on Instagram since I can just talk to my husband directly.” 

Solenn shared that women go through a lot of “crazy changes” while pregnant, but she thanked Nico for being by her side. “We’ve had some really emotional days but would have never been able to step a foot out of bed if it hadn’t been for your warm embrace even if I could see you breaking at times,” Solenn said.

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She thanked her husband, whom she married in 2016 in France, as she wrote, “Thank you for everything so far, and for being a trooper and my personal nurse at home for the daily prickles. Will forever be grateful, in love with you all over again.”

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