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WATCH: Nico Bolzico Shows What It's Like To Have A Newborn In New Instagram Video

Because parenting is Nico's new passion!

Having a newborn baby is an exciting yet exhausting time in any parent's life. Nico Bolzico shares with us the highs and lows of nursing his daughter Thylane throughout the night in a video that was posted on Instagram on February 29.

"#Thylane is [two] months [old] today and, here, we share with you a bit of our journey. I am pretty sure [a] lot of parents will relate," Nico said in the caption.

The Instagram video shows Nico talking about his nights since having baby Thylane at home. "She's so cute. It's the best feeling in the world... We're a bit lost but it's so amazing. Parenting, my passion," an invigorated Nico says at the start.

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As the video progresses, Nico looks more and more tired with his eyes noticeably getting darker (with makeup!). He says towards the end, "We're already getting ready for not sleeping the whole year. It's nice but it's tough. Nobody told us before... It's good. Parenting, my passion," he says despite the exhaustion. His wife Solenn Heussaff also shows herself in the skit!

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Nico didn't forget to remind his followers that the video is not an accurate depiction of his and Solenn's life with their precious bundle of joy. "Disclaimer: [During] the day Solenn takes care of [Thylane] but we do have a night nurse (Joana) to support us, so this video is [exaggerated] for [comedic] purposes," he adds in the caption. 

Although the video is a caricature of one aspect of parenting, parents of infants can surely relate!

Nico gets just a little bit more serious in his next post, which shows him with Thylane on his lap. "I will hold your hands forever, [Thylane], especially when you bring your first boyfriend home," the caption reads. 

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Thylane Katana Heussaff Bolzico was born on January 1, 2020.

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