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Nico Bolzico Swoons Over Solenn Heussaff’s Maternity Photos

He thinks she is at her sexiest!
PHOTO: PHOTO BY: Mark Nicdao INSTAGRAM: nicobolzico

Nico Bolzico, aka the best husband ever, made everyone go ‘aww’ again after his latest post dedicated to wife Solenn Heussaff who is due soon with their first baby. Ever the sweet guy, Nico shared a stunning maternity photo of Solenn and professed that he thinks she is at her sexiest while pregnant.

"I always though[t] that @solenn was at her sexiest during 2018… But then 2019 comes and boom! You were so wrong 2018, hundred times wrong! Love you so much [,] bebu! I will be always thankful for [you for] making us a family! Just to add: not enough budget for a full wardrobe."

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Nico has always been very vocal in supporting his wife during her pregnancy. In an earlier Instagram post, he expressed his admiration for Solenn, praising her for her strength as a woman.

"Since I met Solenn, I always felt that she was too good for me; but, since she is pregnant, I don’t only feel she is too good for me, but I also feel like the most useless human being on earth."

"I didn’t know she could be capable of so much love, but also, I wasn’t aware of her strength."

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He even dished out advice for men saying: "We think we are the stronger gender, but we don’t understand how wrong we are until we see them being pregnant; so we should be 100% there for them to make sure we make ourselves useful if/when they need us."

Solenn, who is due soon, also shared one of her maternity photos on her own Instagram account. She captioned it with: "See you soon, #BabyBolz!"

In another post with long-time friend and sister-in-law Anne Curtis—who is also pregnant!—she also expressed her excitement over the future cousins growing up together. "Our daughters are going to be like sisters :) I hope they are aren’t as cray as we were when we were teens. Lol"

To which Anne cheekily replied: “@erwan and @nicobolzico biggest nightmare if that happens. Love you!!!”

We can’t wait to meet #BabyBolz, too!

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