Nico And Erwan's 'Ask Me Anything' Video Got Really Serious

Good thing their first impressions of each other didn't last!
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

Our favorite "bullied husbands" Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff recently posted an "Ask Me Anything" video and, as expected, there were a lot of laughs (and a lot of references to their wifezillas Solenn Heussaff and Anne Curtis). 

They answered who's more scared of cockroaches, who they'd want as companions during a zombie apocalypse, and what they'd do if they swapped bodies. Nico was asked to choose between Solenn and Patato and, of course, he picked #wifezilla (but not after taking a few seconds to think about it LOL). 

The duo also answered some not-so-fun questions. They talked about their greatest insecurities (Erwan = coming short of people's expectations) and were completely honest when asked to state one thing they didn't like about each other.  

What about first impressions?

When they first met, Erwan thought Nico was uptight and couldn't believe his sister had a crush on this "macho" guy. Nico thought Erwan came across as cold because the first time they met, Erwan said two words to him"Hi, bro."and ignored him for the rest of the evening (harsh!). 

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But now, they're ~besties~ as well as brothers-in-law and we couldn't be happier for them!

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