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Nico Gave Solenn A 'Get Better Soon' Card And It Made Her MAD

Hope you learn your lesson, Nico.
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

By now, we're all used to funnyman Nico Bolzico and his pranks and jokes about #wifezilla Solenn Heussaff (LOL remember that time Nico filled Solenn's hairdryer with powder?) But Nico's latest quip last Sunday proved to have ~dire~ consequences.

It all started when he gave Solenn a "Get Better Soon" card—as in the kind you give to people who are sick. Confused, because she wasn't sick at all, Sos asked him to explain. Nico responded with, "I know [you're not sick], I just think you can get better."

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Nico's post on Insta describes her reaction: "[No] fun or laughs anywhere. Only funeral silence, death look, and no happiness around! I got this joke from the internet and thought [it] was going to make her laugh, but I was wrong, fourteen thousands three hundred and fifty times wrong!"

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It looks like he did learn his lesson though, writing: "Rule #23 of the #BulliedHusdbandsClub: If you make a joke involving your #wifezilla, make sure you can deal with the consequences in case the joke doesn't have the same effect that you pictured in your head when you made it. This happens 99.9% of the times you make a joke that involves your wifezilla. Always think if it is worthy!" 

He clarifies in the caption that Solenn actually can't get better because she is the best. 

Solenn had the best response, though! "So 'Get Better Soon' huh? Dog house it is for #ElBolzico! At least you have company now!" She writes in an Instagram post. "For those asking [the] breed of my dogs: the one on right is an american akita, the one on left is an argentine bullied."

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