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Nike Releases Ad Celebrating U.S. Women's National Team's World Cup Win And It'll Give You Goosebumps

PHOTO: YouTube/Nike

ICYMI, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team dominated the Netherlands, 2-0, at the 2019 World Cup finals, thereby securing their fourth FIFA championship title. It's the fifth time the USWNT played at the World Cup finals; and they're the first team to make three consecutive finals apperances. This win also makes them the only other team (apart from Germany) to win two consecutive championships. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Nike released an inspiring ad titled, "Never Stop Winning."

Take a look.

The video starts with a popular sporting chant—"I believe that we will [win]"—first used by the U.S. men's national soccer team fans during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But instead of saying "win," the narrator declares, "I believe that we will be four-time champions and keep winning until we not only become the best female soccer team, but the best soccer team in the world. And that a whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play and say things like, 'I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up,' and that they'll be inspired to talk and win and stand up for themselves."


The narrator continues, "And I believe that we will make our voices heard and TV shows will be talking about us every single day and not just once every four years. And that women will conquer more than just the soccer field, like breaking every single glass ceiling and having their faces carved on Mount Rushmore. And that we'll keep fighting not just to make history, but to change itforever."

ICYDK, several players of the U.S. women's soccer team have filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation for "providing lower salaries and poorer conditions to its female players."

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