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Sorry Guys, It Looks Like A Friends Reunion Won't Be Happening Soon

At least according to Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry says there is hardly any chance of a Friends reunion.

The 45-year-old actor—who played Chandler Bing in the sitcom for ten years—has admitted that there's been no real talk about the cast reprising their roles because all the stories have already been told.

He said: "Listen, there's always talk about a reunion, but there's no real talk about that. There's been no talk about a reunion. We try to get together and have dinner once in a while, and even that's hard to do! We've just told all the stories that needed to be told. We told 237 of them."

The 17 Again star also believes he will never be able to top the television sitcom with any future work he does.

He shared: "I didn't envision living past 2000 so I had no idea [how big Friends would get]. I never really thought about the future and I had no idea I would ever be involved in something as big as Friends, and I will never be involved in anything as big as Friends ever again because TV is so different now."

Despite no plans for a reunion, Matthew is glad the characters' stories can appeal to a new generation.

He told reporters at a press junket for his new CBS sitcom The Odd Couple: "That's what's interesting is that it's reaching a whole new audience. Younger people are now watching it and saying that it stands the test of time because we didn't do too many topical jokes, which makes it good."

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