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Love Noh Jung Ui? Here's A List Of Her K-Dramas That You *Need* To Watch

8 K-Dramas Starring Noh Jung Ui

Rookie actress Noh Jung Ui is stealing our hearts with her turn as popular idol NJ in the Netflix K-drama Our Beloved Summer. She caught us off-guard with her character’s endearingly straightforward personality (Bonus: her outfits are always on point), and now we can’t get enough of her! But before she became a staple in recent hit K-dramas, did you know that she was a child actress? She started her career in 2011, playing the young versions of plenty of our fave drama characters. Read on to see her dramas from recent years! Have you fallen in love with her yet?

Early projects

  1. Pinocchio (2014)

    Who else is in it: Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Yu Bi

    In this exciting rom-com, reporter Choi Dal Po (Jong Suk) hides his true identity. He secretly wants to get justice after the media sensationalized a tragedy when he was younger, turning his heroic dad into a murderer and subsequently causing his mother’s death. He gets saved from dying by a kind grandfather who adopts him. Dal Po falls for Choi In Ha (Shin Hye), his adoptive father’s granddaughter. She has Pinocchio syndrome, which makes her hiccup when she lies. Together, they strive to show how true journalism can change society. Jung Ui plays the younger In Ha who gets caught off-guard when she moves to her grandfather’s place on the island and sees him referring to a boy her age as her uncle Dal Po who passed away a long time ago.


  2. The Flower In Prison (2016)

    Who else is in it: Jin Se Yeon, Go So, Kim Mi Sook, Choi Tae Joon

    This historical drama set in the Joseon era revolves around Ok Nyeo (Se Yeon), a girl who grows up in the company of everyone in prison—including criminals. One of them is Yun Tae Won (Soo), the son of a villainous nobleman. Ok Nyeo trains to become a spy with the goal of uncovering more about her past, but as she starts doing missions, she gets a chance to change Joseon for the better. Jung Ui plays the young version of Yoon Shin Hye, the daughter of a lord set to marry Seong Ji Heon (Tae Joon), captain of Podocheong. She gets jealous of Ok Nyeo’s relationship with Ji Heon and plots against her.

    [Flowers of the prison] Jin Se-yeon appears a graceful figure 20161106

  3. Live Up To Your Name (2017)

    Who else is in it: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Ah Joong

    Renowned Joseon doctor Heo Im (Nam Gil) treats the poor by day and earns money from the wealthy at night. When he ends up getting charged with treason after treating the king, he tries to escape and gets fatally wounded. When he wakes up, he’s in modern-day Seoul where he meets surgeon Choi Yeon Kyung (Ah Joong) and falls for her. Jung Ui plays a memorable role as sunny Oh Ha Ra, one of Yeon Kyung’s heart surgery patients. She tries to bridge the gap between Im and Yeon Kyung when they become at odds with each other.

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    Live up to your name 170812 EP.1

  4. Witch’s Court (2017)

    Who else is in it: Jung Ryeo Won, Yoon Hyun Min, Jun Kwang Ryul, Kim Yeo Jin

    Ma Yi Deum (Ryeo Won) is a ruthless prosecutor who won’t hesitate to go through all lengths just to secure a win. That includes doing illegal stuff like fabricating evidence. When she gets assigned to a special task force for child sex crimes, she starts an unlikely partnership with Yeo Jin Wook (Hyun Min), a straightlaced rookie prosecutor with a pediatric psychology background. As Jin Wook gets to know Yi Deum better, he uncovers her past and begins understanding her better. Jung Ui plays the teen version of Yi Deum.

    MV Bada –That you loved me Witch's Court OST PART 3 UNOFFICIAL MV

  5. Kill It (2019)

    Who else is in it: Jang Ki Yong, Nana

    Kim Soo Hyun (Ki Yong) has two jobs: he’s a veterinarian and a hired killer. Detective Do Hyun Jin (Nana) is on the hunt for a serial killer she believes also murdered someone dear to her. When she comes across Soo Hyun, she starts suspecting him and the two of them butt heads. Jung Ui plays Kang Seul Gi, a young student who just happens to own the building Soo Hyun’s vet office is in. But as the mystery behind the cases unfolds, Hyun Jin realizes there’s more to Seul Gi than meets the eye. Can she be the key to solving the cases?

    Before i go Kill it SOO HYUN X KANG SEULGI

  6. The Great Show (2019)

    Who else is in it: Song Seung Heon, Lee Sun Bin, Choi Su Rin, Lim Ju Hwan


    In this unexpectedly engaging family drama, Wi Dae Han (Seung Heon) is an ex-politician who aspires to get back into the game. One day, a teen girl named Da Jung (Jung Ui) comes to him with her three siblings. Their mom has died, and Da Jung claims Dae Han is their father. Dae Han accepts them into his home, intending to use them for his political ambitions. But as he spends more time with the kids, he starts to grow fond of them. Can they make a good parent out of him?

    The Great Show Pregnant Scene

Recent projects

  1. 18 Again (2020)

    Who else is in it: Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Ha Neul, Ryeoun

    Jung Ui’s career as a rookie actress started taking with 18 Again, the K-drama adaptation of the film 17 Again (yes, the one with Zac Efron). The story revolves around Hong Dae Hyung (Sang Hyun), a dad in his late 30s, who loses his job and gets served divorce papers by his wife, Da Jung (Ha Neul). When he suddenly finds himself in his 18-year-old body (Do Hyun), he attends the same high school as his twin children and he realizes there are many things he doesn’t know about them. Jung Ui plays Shi Ah, the female twin, who looks like the perfect popular student on paper, but she’s rebellious at heart and harbors secret dreams.

    Lee Dohyun Roh jeong Eui Sohyang Hello Ost 18 Again

  2. Our Beloved Summer (2021)

    Who else is in it: Choi Woo Sik, Kim Da Mi, Kim Sung Cheol

    Ten years after they film a documentary in high school and have a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship, Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) and Kook Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi) cross paths once more. Yeon Su is a successful PR manager looking for a specific artist for a client. What she doesn’t know is that the artist is Woong. Jung Ui plays NJ, a top-tier idol who’s had bad experiences with rumors and troll commenters. She finds solace in Woong’s drawings and ends up falling for him. We love NJ for not being your stereotypical second lead girl. She’s honest about her intentions but knows her boundaries. Jung Ui won Best New Actress at the SBS Drama Awards for her awesome acting.

    Our Beloved Summer - NJ X Choi Ung



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