North West Reportedly Has A Boyfriend And The Internet Is Like WTF

This is uncomfy on a bunch of levels.
PHOTO: Instagram/caiden817
  • North West, age 5, has a "boyfriend." He's rapper Consequence's 7-year-old son Caiden Mills, and he buys her things from Tiffany & Co.
  • Naturally, the internet feels weird about it.

I'm here to drop some news on you: North West, age 5, has a "boyfriend," and the internet is very, very confused.

Basically, rapper Consequence's 7-year-old son Caiden Mills has an Instagram account where he (read: his parents) have been posting pictures with captions that reference North as his "boo." It's a little weird considering neither of them are old enough to run their own social media accounts.

It looks like he even bought her something from Tiffany & Co.

Caiden's family and the Wests go way back because Kanye and Consequence work together a lot, but still, the internet has plenty to say about this "relationship." 

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