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Our Hearts Are Bursting 'Cause Oh Jung Se Went To An Amusement Park With A Fan

He even dressed up as Moon Sang Tae!
PHOTO: Instagram/boumjun_bae

Us fans of It's Okay To Not Be Okay know just how healing this drama is, especially the way it tackles mental health issues and personality and developmental disorders. The impact the drama has is life-changing for a lot of us, and for Bae Boum Joon, it really is. Boum Joon is a talented cellist who happens to have a developmental disability. He made headlines recently because he was able to spend a day with his idol, Oh Sung Jae, aka Moon Sang Tae of IOTNBO. For those unfamiliar with the drama, Sang Tae has autism spectrum disorder and is the older brother of Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun).

According to Soompi, Boum Joon's sister was the one who reached out to the actor after her brother repeatedly asked to meet Moon Sang Tae in real life. The episode that made him a fan? Episode 2, when Sang Tae went to Ko Mun Yeong's (Seo Ye Ji) book signing event. The dramatic scene apparently made Boum Joon feel so sad for Sang Tae.

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Good thing, though, that Jung Se granted the request and spent one whole day with Boum Joon at Lotte World amusement park! The 43-year-old actor even wore his Sang Tae costume and acted and spoke like his character all throughout the date.

As posted on Boum Joon's Instagram account, the two rode several rides together, held hands, and took amazing selfies the whole day. Jung Se even gave Boum Joon a sweet gifta toy dinosaur, just like the one Sang Tae has in the drama!

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