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Here Are The Funniest 'OK, Boomer' Tweets (So Far)

It's basically another version of 'Edi, wow!'

In today's edition of "The Greatest Burns in History," we'd like to focus on a phrase that's been making the rounds online: The highly controversial and highly divisive "OK, Boomer." The glib response is the latest weapon in the younger generation'sMillennials and Gen Z alikearsenal against Baby Boomers who, in their viewpoint, have completely lost touch with today's world. 

So, what does the succinct, but very effective, multi-purpose reply mean? Well, you can think of it as similar to the equally powerful "Edi, wow" response: Just the right amount of passive aggression with enough sarcasm to put down the ego of any speakerwhich, in this case, are usually Boomers. The phrase really originated in the Western context, with fingers pointed more towards the Gen Z than actual Millennials, and has created a wildfire of discussions on what it all means.

"The all-purpose reply is designed to disarm oldish people who dispense condescension dressed up as wisdom," argued Molly Roberts of the Washington Post. Molly called the phrase a flippant dismissal and "a message that the grown-ups have screwed up so totally, and are veering so speedily into irrelevance, that convincing them of anything is a waste of keyboard characters."

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But the dismissive nature of the phrase has also led to the argument that "[The Gen Z kids] are unfortunately perpetuating the very age-oriented stereotypes they themselves don't want to be labeled by," said Megan Gerhardt in a piece for NBC News.

Whatever your hot take is on this phrase, it's clear it isn't about to die out anytime soonin fact, it's already reached our shores. Here, we rounded up some of the funniest and most biting instances of the phrase we've seen around the local and global Twitterverse:

This really got the ball rolling:

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Is this how online revolutions are started?

Petition to rename Millennials "Generation Tired."

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The entire thread is comedy gold:

Oh, how the tables have turned.

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This one has almost too many layers: 

Can you imagine the reaction?

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Can't argue with this logic:

Yay for more options!

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