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Actors Are No Longer Allowed To Work With Baron Geisler

In case you didn't know it yet, the embattled actor is under fire for peeing on a colleague.
PHOTO: Instagram/Baron Geisler

The Professional Artist Managers Inc. (PAMI), a group composed of talent managers, has released a statement condemning the "disgusting act and behavior" of actor Baron Geisler, who came under fire after he urinated on fellow actor Ping Medina while shooting a movie scene.

The movie, Bubog, is an indie film directed by Arlyn Dela Cruz.

PAMI made their decision in light of Medina's complaint, which he made public via his Facebook post last Monday, November 28.

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Geisler defended his shocking move, saying that he was just being in character. He has since apologized to both Medina and Dela Cruz.

However, PAMI isn't letting Geisler get away with what he did. After all, this isn't the first time that the actor has been involved in a controversy involving his co-workers. Patricia Martinez, Yasmien Kurdi, Julia Clarete, and Cherry Pie Picache have all filed complaints against Geisler for sexual harassment while on set.

"After a thorough discussion and deliberation during the meeting, in the presence of Geisler's manager and PAMI member Arnold Vegafria, PAMI unanimously arrived at the decision to inhibit all our artists from working with Geisler in any movie and television projects for an indefinite period," PAMI disclosed.

ABS-CBN News added that Vegafria likewise assured PAMI that he will reject projects until Geisler is "mentally fit" and "psychologically stable."

Vegafria, though, has also filed a complaint against Dela Cruz. He reportedly "questioned her capacity to exercise control and assume full responsibility on the set." He reasoned that she could have prevented the incident from happening.

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PAMI agreed with Vegafria's argument, stating "As managers, when we send our artists to the set, it is with our complete trust that the producer and director will protect and ensure the safety of our artists. Therefore, we have also unanimously agreed to inhibit all our artists from accepting any projects involving Arlyn Dela Cruz."

Meanwhile, in another ABS-CBN News report, it was revealed that Dela Cruz, who has dropped Geisler from Bubog, has also decided to replace Medina. She explained in a Facebook post that she wants to "start fresh."

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Dela Cruz shared that she has discussed the decision with Medina, who, according to her, "needs some time to rest and recover."