The 'Pangga' App Goes Missing

Did the on-demand companionship app just ghost us?

Last week, lifestyle site reported that a quirky new app called Panggaan on-demand companionship service, was officially available.

The report noted: "Pangga, from a Visayan term of endearment, is an app that lets singles rent a pretend-boyfriend or -girlfriend for a date."

Pangga offered variants of pretend-partners—some for social media purposes only and others to show off to family and friends.

It even assured, "We strive to make your every session a memorable one with the end-goal of fulfilling your social needs in your distinct situation." It added, "Your safety and security is very important to us. We take several precautions and set location tracking (GPS) to ensure the safety of all parties involved at all times."

The app also emphasized that the hired companion had limitations and would not be doing anything sexual. Only harmless gestures such as "massaging the hands, playing games or cards, watching movies, taking selfies and the like" would be allowed. Holding hands with the client are also allowed in "special circumstances."

But for all the attention that it got, Pangga now seems to be nowhere in sight. We had plans of testing the service, but then we found out that both its Facebook page and website can no longer be accessed.

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What gives?

It's worth noting that Cebu City councilor Dave Tumulak had slammed Pangga. He told SunStar Cebu, "This is still a form of prostitution and the City Government does not tolerate such practices."

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