Paris Hilton Just Admitted That She Faked Her Character On 'The Simple Life'

Paris Hilton Just Admitted That She Faked Her Character On 'The Simple Life'

That's not hot.

It's no surprise that reality TV is scripted and pretty far removed from actual reality, but even that knowledge didn't soften the blow when reality TV pioneer, Paris Hilton, revealed that her entire persona on The Simple Life was an act. Yep, you read that right: AN ACT!

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Paris dropped a few truth bombs about her time spent putting the "naughty" in the noughties with fellow wild child, Nicole Richie. In a bid to preserve your faith in humanity and ease the pain, we're going to buffer the bombs with a couple of classic Paris gifs. You're welcome.

"They said, 'Nicole you play the trouble maker, Paris you play the ditzy airhead.' We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into or what a huge success it would be and that I'd have to continue playing this character for five years."

"You kind of just get trapped in that character when you have to continue doing it on a TV show... I think if I was my serious self on the show it wouldn't have been such a huge success. I don't mind because I feel like I really parlayed it into a huge business and it was a lot of fun."

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Dayum straight! Since The Simple Life aired in 2003 (you feel old now, right?) Paris has amassed a whopping net worth of over $100 million, building herself a hella impressive empire in the process. Not bad for a 'ditzy airhead', eh?

Loves it.

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