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Who Will Park Seo Joon Play In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Any self-proclaimed K-Drama fan knows about Park Seo Joon. From his time as a romantic lead in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim to an incredibly relatable man-on-a-mission in Itaewon Class, the actor has definitely shown range. And it looks like our favorite oppa is off to dominate new shores! The South Korean actor has flown out of his home country to film an upcoming Marvel movie, his agency Awesome ENT confirmed on September 3. 

The official statement didn't quite reveal which upcoming Marvel movie Park Seo Joon will be in, much less the role he'll be playing—but thankfully the grapevine has been fruitful. Reports point to The Marvels, aka Captain Marvel 2the follow-up to one of Marvel's buzziest movies. If you're wondering exactly how the K-Drama star will make his mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you're not alone! list down the possibilities below.

What will The Marvels be about?

Okay, so first things first: Brie Larson is of course, confirmed to be returning as Carol Denvers for the sequel. She will be joined by Teyonah Parris as the now-grown up Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. All three heroes make up the titular Marvels for the movie. 


You probably spotted Monica in WandaVision! The Marvels will be directly connected to that TV series, as well as the upcoming Ms. Marvel and Secret Invasion series. It is the eighth film from Phase Four of the MCU—and the 31st film overall. Yup, the marathon running-time keeps on getting longer (and we are so here for it).

Who will Park Seo Joon play in Captain Marvel 2?

With all signs pointing to Captain Marvel 2, there is a huge possibility Seo Joon will play a fourth Marvel hero. Screen Rant pointed to "Marvel Boy," a legacy title carried by different characters in the OG comics universe. The actor could play either Noh Varr, a wildcard Kree soldier or Wendell Vaugn, a SHIELD agent better known as Quasar.

Fans are also pointing to the character of Amadeus Cho, a Korean-American from Tucson, Arizona. Considering though that this character is a teenage genius with a troubled past in the original comics, Park Seo Joon may be too old for the role. TBH, we see no problem in the MCU changing the ages of their characters a bit!

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The Marvels is scheduled for a November 11, 2022 release date in the U.S. 

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