This Video Of Park Seo Joon Proves That He's The 'Best In Fan Service'

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bn_sj2013, (RIGHT) Twitter/dahlenegabo

Yes, Park Seo Joon isn't breathing the same air as us anymore, but videos from the South Korean actor's Manila visit are making us feel like he's STILL here with us! There was even footage of a superfan *grabbing* him for a hug, and a PSJ lookalike was spotted eating in Jollibee! INTENSE. 

We just found a new video that made us fall in love with him even more. In a tweet by self-confessed PSJ fan @dahlenegabo, we see Seo Joon walking down a hallway with a bunch of security and event personnel. As he gets nearer to the crowd, the bodyguards block the fans' view (PS. Even though we know they're just doing their jobs, we can't help but feel a tiny bit of resentment every time this happens)!

But Seo Joon doesn't let that stop him from saying "hi" to them. He actually leans down to peek at his fans and give them the most adorable wave! Grabe, if I were there in person, I would've died!  

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PSJ was recently in Manila for his "fun meet" with local clothing brand Bench. During his brief visit, we learned that he's super flattered to be compared to Ryan Gosling, but he wants to be known as ~himself~! Plus, he actually likes sisig and said that he was SUPER overwhelmed by Filipino fans' support. He even posted this video on Instagram, thanking his fans for coming to the event: 

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We love you, Seo Joon. Please come back soon! 

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