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Park So Dam's 'Parasite' Co-Star Lee Sun Gyun Sent Her A Coffee Truck On The Set Of 'Record Of Youth'

This is too sweet!
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It's always so heartwarming to see our fave Hallyu stars send each other food and beverage trucks on the set of their individual projects. And this goes to show just how much they still mean to each other even after their TV or film production wrapped up! We have Kim Go Eun who received trucks from her Goblin co-stars while she was filming The King: Eternal Monarch, and even Kim Soo Hyun who also sent one to his longtime bestie IU on the set of her movie debut, Dream.

This time around, Park So Dam also got a super sweet gesture from her Parasite co-star Lee Sun Gyun! ICYDK, the 28-year-old actress is shooting her new drama called Record Of Youth, co-starring Park Bo Gum. It's a huge deal for So Dam 'cause it's her first drama since 2016's Cinderella And Four Knights. And it looks like Sun Gyun wanted to cheer her on by sending a coffee truck on set!

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According to Soompi, the banners on the truck reads: "It's a small gift, but I put my heart into it. It's hot out, so have a refreshing drink and hang in there. From, Lee Sun Gyun." Another one says, "I'm hoping that actress Park So Dam and the drama Record Of Youth wrap up filming well and become a huge hit."

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So Dam posted pics of the truck on Insta and wrote, "Thank you, orabuni." FYI, the term orabuni is similar to oppa and is used by women "to refer to older brothers or male friends."

It's really no wonder these Parasite castmates remained close even after filming their 2019 thriller because of all the press and awards shows they attended for several months.

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In the Oscar-winning film, Park So Dam played Kim Ki Jung aka Jessica who conned her way to work in Mr. Park's (Lee Sun Gyun) household as an art therapy teacher. Here's to hoping we see a full Parasite cast reunion soon!


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