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Party Guys Confess When They'd Let You Pay For A Date

On a night out, Cosmo checked out the most dashing dudes and asked them when it's appropriate to let you cash out on your rendezvous.

Times have changed. The Pinoy male of past generations used to spoil his lady with the most expensive gifts and dates his money can afford until the object of his affection said "yes" to his advances. This practice, which used to be the norm, seemed only fair. Besides, it is the man's role to provide for the family, while back then, the women just stayed at home. But we Cosmo chicks know that that's not the case anymore. Women like us can now work and earn for ourselves. We strive to be on an equal playing field with men financially, so we somehow think it's more proper to offer to chip in during dates... right?

But don't you find this confusing sometimes? We don't want to come across as freeloaders, so we offer to pay. On the other hand, what if we offer to pay for our share once, then the guy assumes it's Dutch forever, even when he asked you out in the first place? Where's the opportunity to show effort on his part now? Dating in itself is already so complicated, and the question of who foots the bill makes matters, well, more confusing.

So, at the recent Bigfish: Innovation White party featuring Above And Beyond at the World Trade Center, we searched the packed crowd for hot guys just to ask them: When do you think it would be appropriate to let a girl you're dating pay for her share?

Click on the gallery below to check out their answers!

Watch for the next Bigfish event this month--Cosmo will definitely be there again!

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