OMG, There's This *Raunchy* Streaming Site For Romance Novels Turned Into Movies Called 'Passionflix'

It even rates content through a 'Barometer Of Naughtiness!'
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We've all heard of Netflix. We've all tried iflix. But have you heard of the streaming platform called Passionflix? It's literally a site for flicks...about passion.   

The site describes itself as a platform that "turns your favorite romance novels into movies and series." Passionflix screens Hollywood rom-coms, but they also have originals! Works of popular writers in the romance novel world, such as Sylvia Day and Rachel Van Dyken, have already been adapted into movies on Passionflix.

These movies have all the romance cliches and cheesy lines that we know we shouldn't love but still do! "You do realize the last time I saw you, you almost killed David and somehow simultaneously broke my heart?" The leading lady cries out in The Matchmaker's Playbook trailer. The lead guy answers, "I'm scared that you'd be settling for me when David is the one you've wanted all [along]." GOLD. 

The Passionflix website rates movies and shows through a "Barometer Of Naughtiness"—they fall under "oh so vanilla," "mildly titillating," "passion and romance," "toe curling yumminess," or "NSFW." Also, the platform's Instagram account posts script pages and updates for upcoming adaptations! Check them out below: 

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But like everything in this world, watching content on Passionflix isn't free (WHAT A SAD) and you'll have to pay $5.99 (P311.18) a month if you decide to subscribe to it. So how about it? Does Passionflix sound like a site you'd try visiting?  

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