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Even While Living In Together, Patrick Sugui And Aeriel Garcia Reveal They Don't Sleep In The Same Bed

It apparently has to do with their Christian faith.
PHOTO: instagram/patsugui

Most of us know Patrick Sugui and Aeriel Garcia as one of the couples that make up the celeb barkada Nguya Squad. But apparently, there's so much more to their relationship than meets the eye! You see, Patrick, a Pinoy Big Brother alum, and Aeriel, a social media influencer, are the first couple to get engaged in their friend group despite both being in their 20s.

After a couple of years together, Patrick and Aeriel got engaged on December 28, 2020, and are planning to get married before 2021 ends.

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They recently guested on Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos' podcast, Figure It Out, who as we know, are also part of their barkada. Patrick and Aeriel talked candidly about their almost three-year relationship and revealed a bunch of interesting deets about them: that they've lived together even before getting engaged, that they have designated "roles" in doing their household chores, that they didn't really have to adjust while living in 'cause they both grew up without yayas, and most intriguingly, that they don't sleep in the same bed.

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"Some would say we live together, ganyan ganyan. We don't sleep in the same bed," Patrick said.

This piece of info both Gabbi and Khalil off guard because they didn't know about this particular living arrangement between their good friends. "What we do [is] meron kaming overnight mattress kasi 'pag dito nagse-sleep yung cousins ko sa weekend," Patrick explained. "Yung mattress na 'yon, ilalagay sa living room. Doon ako sa mattress, siya sa couch. Hiwalay kami ng sleeping [area]."

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"Why is that? Ano yung belief niyo sa set-up na ganoon?" Khalil asked.

It's apparently because of their faith. Both Patrick and Aeriel became Christians a few years agoin fact, their second date was at church!and they've since remained celibate. "When we turned, Christian, bro," Patrick replied to Khalil. "Purity. No anything. So 'yon, tina-try naming gawin. Kasi live-in pa lang is kontra agad sa pagka-Christian. So at least what we do is iwas pa rin sa temptations and everything. So hindi kami tabi nagse-sleep."

Aeriel added, "Tsaka ayon yung naging rule natin bago tayo mag-live in."

They then clarified where exactly they sleptin the living room with Patrick on the mattress and Aeriel on the couchbut they do have a bed in their master's bedroom!

Patrick then went on to share how becoming a Christian changed his and Aeriel's lives. Patrick revealed he was at a low point in his life and didn't have the best relationship with his family. There was even a time when he had to live with Daniel Padilla for seven months. But when he decided to go to church and bring along Aeriel with him, he eventually patched things up with his family. After becoming Christians, Patrick said it only impacted his relationship with Aeriel in the best ways: "Trust was stronger. Respect was stronger. Love was stronger."

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"Parang sa relationship namin, naging guide talaga namin si God. Center talaga Siya," Aeriel said.


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