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A *Brief* Recap Of All 5 Books In The 'Percy Jackson & The Olympians' Series

See you soon, Seaweed Brain!
Percy Jackson & The Olympians
PHOTO: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief/Disney Hyperion Books

As someone who has her own Camp Half Blood T-shirt, yes, I can't wait for the upcoming Percy Jackson & The Olympians series! To prep for the show, which Logan Lerman is interested in joining, by the way, here's a recap of all five Rick Riordan books. 

First, here's what we need to remember about Percy: He's a demigod (a half-human and half-god) and the son of the Greek god Poseidon. Here's the thing: The gods have PLENTY of demigod children, but many years ago the Big Three—brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hadesswore that they wouldn't have any more kids because of a prophecy that one of their offspring might cause the fall of Olympus. So, you see, Percy represents a violation of the oath, which makes him a really big deal in his world. 

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1. The Lightning Thief (2005) 

The sitch: 12-year-old Percy tries to settle down in Camp Half Blood and is befriended by Luke Castellan, a son of Hermes. Percy must embark on a quest to return Zeus' stolen lightning bolt, and he is accompanied by his satyr best friend Grover and a daughter of Athena named Annabeth Chase, who calls him "Seaweed Brain." They think Hades stole the bolt from Zeus, so they set out for the underworld. Once there, it's revealed that Hades is not the thief and something has also been stolen from himhis Helm of Darkness. He also holds Percy's mom hostage until his helm is returned.  

How it ends: It is ultimately revealed that Luke, who has a grudge against the gods, is the actual thief and is acting for Kronos, the *evil* Titan. He wants to bring them down and even tries to kill Percy! 

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2. The Sea Of Monsters (2006) 

The quest: Many years ago, Thalia, the daughter of Zeus, sacrificed herself to save Annabeth and Luke and was turned into a tree by her father. But someone poisoned the tree, and Camp Half Blood is now in danger because it's vulnerable to monsters without its protection. The only way to heal the tree is to retrieve the legendary Golden Fleece, and someone else (Clarisse) is sent to retrieve it. Percy, Annabeth, and a baby Cyclops named Tyson leave camp to look for Grover, who's been missing. They believe that he's been stuck on an island with a cyclops named Polyphemus. Coincidentally, the Golden Fleece is also in Polyphemus' possession! 

How it ends: They save Grover and manage to bring the fleece back to camp, but it does much more than heal Thalia's tree—it brings her back to life. 

3. The Titan's Curse (2007) 

The quest: Percy is once again ~not allowed~ to go on a quest, but Annabeth is in danger so he leaves camp with the help of a pegasus. The "actual" quest is led by Zoe, one of Artemis' hunters. We are also introduced to two new powerful demigods, siblings Bianca and Nico. Zoe turns out to be the daughter of Atlas, the Titan who has been cursed to hold up the sky for eternity. With Luke's help, he tricks Annabeth, then Artemis, then Percy, into taking his place. A battle ensues and Atlas ends up with the sky again.

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How it ends: Zoe dies and Luke falls off a cliff but miraculously survives. Artemis manages to convince the other gods to take action against the Titans and Thalia becomes a Hunter. It is also revealed that Nico is a child of Hades (I also forgot to mention that Bianca sacrifices herself for her friends). 

4. The Battle Of The Labyrinth (2008)

The quest: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson must enter the infamous Labyrinth to convince its ancient inventor Daedalus not to give Luke "Ariadne's string"—a tool that could help the enemy invade Camp Half Blood. Our fave heroes encounter more than a few monsters (as usual), and Percy even ends up on an island with Calypso, who falls in love with him. But we all know Percy and Annabeth are ~meant to be~, and he naturally leaves Calypso and finds his way back to camp. They enlist the help of Rachel, a human who can see through the mist and navigate the labyrinth. But they're too late: Daedalus has already helped Luke.  

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How it ends: It is revealed that Luke has somehow been possessed by the spirit of Kronos! The Titan army invades Camp Half Blood, and Daedalus, who has had a change of heart, helps defeat them. 

5. The Last Olympian (2009)

The quest: Only one thing matters nowdefeating the Titans. The enemy, aka Kronos in Luke's body + his army, is getting stronger. Everyone gears up for battle and Percy even goes all out by taking a bath in the River Styx, which makes him invulnerable except for one small part of his body (just like Achilles' heel). 

How it ends: With Percy's help, Luke fatally stabs himself, therefore banishing Kronos' spirit "into the void" and defeating the Titans. Percy is offered immortality by the gods as a reward for his heroism. He refuses and instead asks the gods to "claim" and recognize all their children, to avoid another war like this one. The series ends with Percy and Annabeth dating for real and the oracle announces a new "great prophecy." THE END! 

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