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These 6 Online And PC Games Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic

Did you play any of these games?
PHOTO: Pet Society/Playfishtv

Staying at home has us nostalgic—remember when we'd have enough time to boot up our PCs and squeeze in a little game time between chatting on Yahoo Messenger (YM, for the cool kids)? Ah, the simpler times. Back when Facebook was a just newcomer who was out to end Friendster's career, people would often pass time playing games on their computers. Just 'cause we're feeling extra senti right now, here are six online and PC games that might sound familiar. Do you recognize any?


Developer: LavaMind

Gazillionaire is a PC business strategy game where players travel around different planets to trade commodities and boost their company's profit and net worth. It's up to you to decide which planet is worth visiting, when to sell commodities for the best price, how you manage your money, pay your employees, and come up with a business strategy to beat your competitors.

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Club Penguin

Developers: RocketSnail Games, New Horizon Interactive, Disney Interactive Studios

Who could ever forget this iconic virtual world? Club Penguin is an online multiplayer game where you get to have a penguin as an avatar, interact with other players, play games to earn points. You can also customize your penguin's color, outfits, and igloos. Many players also log on to its different servers to make friends and chat with other players about literally anything. The OG Club Penguin no longer exists, but a remake of it called Club Penguin Rewritten was created in 2017 and it's exactly like the original version. The remake remains operational to this day and can be accessed here.

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Developer: Jeff Kinney Group

Another online game featuring a virtual world, Poptropica is technically a game intended for kids. Each island in the virtual world features a specific storyline where a mission unfolds for players to partake in. While chat is limited to game-generated scripts, players still get to customize their avatars' looks. Poptropica is still accessible online, but it's also been developed as an app in 2019 so you could play straight from your phone.

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Friends For Sale

Developer: Zynga

Back in high school, you don't tell your crush you like them. You buy them on Friends For Sale and prevent anyone else from outbidding you. The game was available as an application on Facebook where you could buy your Facebook friends, sell them, and give them gifts using the game's currency. It quickly rose to popularity back when Facebook games were still a thing.

Pet Society

Developer: Playfish

Pet Society was what Adorable Home is to many of us right now. Also an application on Facebook, players would spend hours on end to customize pets, look after them, buy them nice clothes, decorate their house with expensive furniture, visit friends' virtual homes, and buy them cute virtual gifts. The game has officially been retired in 2013 and it has been deeply missed since, however a similar game was developed for iOS and Android users in 2018—just search for and download Pet Paradise if you're looking for something new to occupy your time!

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Developer: Independent (1999–2005), Viacom (2005–2014), JumpStart Games (2014–present)

For some of us, owning a virtual pet was the peak of our journey as "paw-parents". The website recently celebrated their 20th anniversary(!), so if you remember your username and password, check in on your pet! Neopets allows you to customize your pets, explore the Map of Neopia, and play games to earn coins in order to buy food and housing. Did you ever discover the secret Jelly world?

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