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Did Pete Just Wear A Bracelet With Ariana’s Future Initials?

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1. Pete Davidson wore a bracelet with the letters "AGD" to the VMAs, which could mean "Ariana Grande-Davidson"

Pete Davidson was spotted at the 2018 VMAs with his fiance, Ariana Grande, wearing a beaded bracelet with the letters "AGD." People are speculating that this stands for Ariana Grande-Davidson, the name Ariana might take after marriage. Incidentally, in an interview by Beats 1 earlier this month, Ariana said, "I have to keep Grande because my grandpa was so proud of our name." Taking Pete's last name would "probably" be temporary. (

Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Bracelet

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Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Bracelet

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2. Luis Manzano shares that he won't be proposing to Jessy Mendiola just yet

Rumors on a possible engagement between Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola started when Jessy posted a photo of this ring on Instagram:

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"Since I lost one of the diamond earrings my dad gave to me, I couldn’t wear it anymore. Glad that was able to help me!!!" Jessy wrote.

When asked about the rumors, Jessy's boyfriend, Luis Manzano replied with, "As much as I want to, hindi pa." (

3. Former president Noynoy Aquino subtly critiqued the Duterte administration during Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary

Ex-president Noynoy Aquino  expressed criticism during his father's death anniversary on the subject of the war on drugs and the current rice supply problem affecting various parts of the country.

Noynoy also had this to say on the 2019 elections,"Kung sang-ayon tayo sa takbo ng bansa natin ngayon, iboto po ang kakampi ng administrasyon. Pero kung hindi ka sang-ayon, hindi lang iboto ang ating mga kandidato, ikampanya nyo pa sila. Palakasin niyo ang magdadala ng tinatawag na checks and balances sa gobyerno.." (CNN Philippines).

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4. Sarah Geronimo expresses excitement over fans' response to Miss Granny

Sarah Geronimo attended the premiere of her new film, Miss Granny with co-stars Xian Lim and James Reid"Ninenerbyos na pero excited at the same time kasi 'yong pinagpaguran po ng buong cast, buong team, ito na, finally makikita na namin," she said. (ABS-CBN).

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5. Drew Arellano shared the most adorable photo of son Primo meeting his new baby brother, Leon

Drew Arellano couldn't help but post an adorable photo of his son Primo, meeting baby brother Leon for the first time. "So who's the new guy?" Drew wrote. 

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