Ariana Grande's Ex Pete Davidson Also Proposed To His Recent Ex

This is a lot to process.

Pete Davidson's Saturday Night Live promo jokes have had quite the backlash—not only did he manage to seriously piss off his ex-fiancée Ariana Grande, but he's also drawn attention to the fact that he proposed to, and was rejected by, ex Cazzie David.

In the SNL promo released on Thursday, Pete says to musical guest Maggie Rogers, "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. You wanna get married?" She responds "No," and Pete deadpans "0 for 3."

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While it was obvious that his lighting-fast proposal to Maggie was poking fun at his quick engagement to Ariana, it was less clear what he meant by "0 for 3." TMZ reports that the numbers actually refer to the amount of times that a proposal didn't work out for Pete—once with Ariana, once with Maggie, and once with ex Cazzie David. Apparently, Pete asked her to marry him "multiple times" during their relationship, and Cazzie turned him down each time. Oof.

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And now that one joke has caused/revealed this much drama, I wonder what kinds of controversy his jokes on the show tonight will stir up...

In response, Ariana just released, "thank u, next" addressing all her exes:


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