Pete Davidson Reportedly Left A Golden Globes After-Party With Kate Beckinsale

Wait, what????
PHOTO: Adriana M Barraza/

Buckle your seatbelts, everybody, because Pete Davidson might be seeing someone who is definitely not Ariana Grande.

Last night, he went to a Golden Globes after-party with Machine Gun Kelly and sources saw him leaving with none other than Kate Beckinsale, per Page Six.

"They were flirting all night and sipping champagne," someone inside the party told the outlet. "They were outside on the patio and left together."

Sorry, WHAT??? That is maybe the most random thing to ever happen in the history of humankind. To be fair, the source just saw them leave together. They could have been grabbing some much-needed post-Globes McDonald's or something. You never know. Either way, do you, Pete and Kate. DO YOU.

Because Pete deleted his own social media, the only other evidence of him being at the party is this video from the photo booth.

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So yeah! Looks like whether or not the Kate rumor is true, Pete had a great time. Him to any and all haters:

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