Pete Davidson Opens Up About His Split With Kaia Gerber

He got real candid on wanting kids, too.
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Pete Davidson opened up about his split with high-fashion model Kaia Gerber, saying that "she's very young, and I'm going through a lot."

Pete and Kaia—the daughter of iconic supermodel Cindy Crawfordwere rumored to have started dating in October 2019, and now Pete has confirmed that they had been seeing each other for a little while before calling it off.

"We were dating for a few months," he said, affectionately using his nickname for her, which is "KG" (aww!).

Pete confirmed that the couple had broken up prior to him heading to rehab, and that he felt that "she shouldn’t have to worry about some dude that just has issues."

The SNL star added: "She should be enjoying her work."

Kaia has been working hard since the relationship slowed, walking in fashion weeks all over the globe, and was recently seen with new, cute minimal line tattoos.

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He has also spoken about his desire to have children—and that could mean considering adoption in his future.

"I just want to have a kid," Pete said. His own childhood was tough, losing his father in the September 11 attacks in New York.

"I want to be there for something or do something that I didn’t have growing up. That’s my biggest thing," he said.

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It does look like Pete is cooling it on the dating front though, with the comedian confirming that he is taking a break from the scene. He is ever hopeful though, saying that he is pretty done with dating, "unless I meet the love of my life."

We really hope you do, Pete!

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