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5 Phone Lies That Totally Fooled You

No, you don’t have to drain the battery of your new phone.
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1. Closing all your apps magically saves your battery.

Leaving your apps open in the background has absolutely no effect on your battery life. Closing them also won’t make your phone run faster. Think about it: Apple comes out with a new phone every year (or the same phone in different sizes LOL). If that were truly a problem, Apple would have figured it out by now.

2. Draining the battery of your new phone will make it last longer.

We understand why people still believe this myth; it’s because it used to be true. But unless you’re still holding on to your Nokia 3210, there’s really no need to get your newly purchased phone’s battery life to zero. Its lithium-ion battery, unlike the older nickel-cadmium battery, won’t benefit from going all the way down to zero before recharging. It might actually do more damage.

3. Using a screen protector is necessary.

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You guys, smartphones are practically robots—seriously, they’re about to take over. They’re also durable. You don’t need a screen protector anymore. Having your phone in the same pocket as your keys or coins won’t damage its screen.

4. Having a phone with a camera that has more megapixels matters.

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These days, everyone feels like they need a 20-mp camera over a 16-mp one—you know, for the ‘gram—when in reality, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. In fact, both the Samsung Galaxy 7 and the iPhone 6s have 12-mp cameras. If you really want Nat Geo-level photos, spring for your own DSLR!

5. Turning off your WiFi, Bluetooth, and location services preserves your battery.

Just like having apps open in the background won’t use up your battery, leaving these features on won’t use up your last 10%. As long as you don’t use apps that use these features, you don’t have to go through the pain of turning these on and off until you’re able to recharge your battery.

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Source: New York Magazine

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