PHOTOS: Erich Gonzales Is All Smiles On Her California Vacay

Girl definitely deserves that break!
PHOTO: Instagram/erichgg

There's no doubt it's been one hell of a month for Erich Gonzales. After her controversial breakup with boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga and a word war with him and his sister Vanessa Matsunaga, she had to fly off to California to fulfill artista duties via a two-night concert series with her ex, no less.

But all of that drama is over and done. Erich extended her stay in Cali for her much-needed break from ~everything~. Erich, along with some friends, first toured the Laguna Beach shores:

She then went on a Warner Brothers Studio tour, visiting the Central Perk set from Friends and the café where Emma Stone worked at in La La Land.


A trip to Los Angeles is not complete without a 'gram at the Urban Light installation:

Erich then checked off skydiving on her bucket list during an adrenaline-filled adventure in San Diego!

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