Pia Wurtzbach And Doctor Mike Are Reportedly Really Dating!

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on March 21, 2016!

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1 E! News reports that Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and New York-based doctor Mike Varshavski are officially dating! "I am dating Pia. It's a fairly new relationship but I'm really excited to see where it can go!" he told Wonderwall.comThe two got everyone wondering about the real score between them after they posted a photo during a “friendly date” in a restaurant in NYC last month. (E! Online

2 Albie Casino reveals that he doesn't mind that actor Arjo Atayde revealed he was first offered the role of Jigs in On The Wings Of Love. “It doesn’t really matter. I could have been the first choice. I could have been 150th choice. I don’t care. All that matters is I was going to play Jigs,” Albie revealed. “No disrespect to Arjo Atayde. He’s a great actor. I watch him in Ang Probinsyano, di ba? I guess, it’s a blessing in disguise rin, kasi mas bagay talaga sa kanya yung character ng Ang Probinsyano, e,” he adds. (PEP

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3 Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were the latest celebs to fall victim to hackers. A One Direction fan reportedly hacked into Harry’s mom’s iCloud account, stole almost two dozen photos—most of which were taken during the rumored couple's holiday in St. Barts—and posted them online. Harry’s mom Anne has since then deleted all her social media accounts. (Cosmopolitan) 

4 On a lighter note, Kendall joined her sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian and went undercover to join a Hollywood tour in LA. The trio wore prosthetic makeup and wigs to disguise themselves as regular tourists. Khloe even put on a fake southern accent to fool people. Kylie documented the whole trip on her Snapchat, which was unfortunately cut short after paparazzis found them.

5 Here’s something we don’t see often: Sarah Geronimo and boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli were spotted and photographed together by a fan! The two are usually super low key, so this was definitely a nice surprise. The last time they were seen together was during the late director Wenn Deramas’ wake. (ABS CBN

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