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Remember Pia Wurtzbach's Winning Blue Gown? Pia Was Just Called 'Miss Copycat' For It

Both are royal blue, are mermaid gowns, and have low V necklines.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/missuniverse, (RIGHT) Facebook/Pageanthology 101

Yesterday, an Instagram account that goes by @sorot.netijen posted side-by-side photos of singer-actress Keke Palmer at the 2014 Emmy Awards and beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. Keke and Pia can be seen wearing very similar dresses. Both are royal blue, are serpentina or mermaid gowns via draped fabric, and have low V necklines.

The similarities led the IG user to caption their post with, "MISS COPYCAT @piawurtzbach," which ended with eight thumbs-down emojis.

Pia saw the post and casually left a wink emoji and the hashtags #WINNER, #PHILIPPINES, and #POWERHOUSE—clearly not owing the IG account any explanation.

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In truth, the similarities between the two gowns end in the previously mentioned characteristics. Keke's was designed by Russian couturier Rubin Singer, and its tail trumpets out from across the entire hem. Meanwhile, Pia's, an Albert Andrada creation, only flares out from the sides and the back.

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The back details of the two gowns are also different. Keke's is much simpler with a zip-up, low-back design. On the other hand, Pia's is intricate, being decked with beads and crystals, as well as bearing zigzag lines from the shoulders to the mid-thigh section.

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Albert has told Inquirer that for Pia's gown, he was thinking about the concept of the Pearl of the Orient. "The back reveals opulent details of sun rays made of beads, sequins, and crystals, which represent the sun rising in the middle of a serene blue sea."

The sides of Pia's gown are beaded as well. Albert explained, "Tiny sapphire-colored crystals are mixed with the beadwork and cascade toward the front of the gown, representing beautiful sands of our beaches." He added that he left the front of the gown simple to draw our attention to Pia's face.

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Given the purposeful creative choices that Albert made just for Pia, it's safe to assume that the similarities between his and Rubin's designs are coincidental—a matter of expressing different ideas in similar ways.