Pinay Arrested In HK For Smuggling Cocaine

She says a friend from Manila had simply asked her to bring the bag to Hong Kong.

Ann Raian Santos Cruz, a call center agent, was caught with cocaine at the Hong Kong International Airport on July 30.

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) assistant secretary Charles Jose confirmed that during a spot check of her luggage, security officers found two slabs of cocaine.

The Manila Times reports that one cocaine slab weighed about 330 grams and the other 390 grams. The cocaine slabs were concealed in a false compartment in the bag that Cruz was carrying. The estimated combined total market value of the cocaine is $750,000.

"Our consulate will extend necessary consular and legal assistance," Jose said.

An ABS-CBN News report pointed out that the Bureau of Immigration (BI) records show that Cruz traveled twice to Malaysia and thrice to Hong Kong this year. What's strange is that she was able to use three different passports for these trips.

The BI and the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) are both trying to find out how Cruz was able to smuggle cocaine out of the Philippines.

A Hong Kong judge has set the hearing for Cruz's case to October 24. She is currently under the custody of the Hong Kong Police Force. She claims that a friend from Manila had simply asked her to bring the bag to Hong Kong and that she didn't know there were slabs of cocaine concealed inside it.

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