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All The Pinay Celebs Giving Birth This 2020

You're looking great, preggo mamas!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/billycrawford, (RIGHT) Instagram/maxcollins

It's a tricky time to be pregnant, what with the COVID-19 pandemic. Expecting women have fewer or no in-person prenatal visits and hospitals implement strict protocols for admission, and only if you're about to give birth.

As Mother's Day nears, let's check and see which celebrity mamas are due to give birth and who's just announced that they're expecting.

Assunta De Rossi

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The 37-year-old actress got pregnant naturally despite having myoma and endometriosis. "Only medical intervention or a miracle can make it happen. This was a miracle!" Assunta wrote. She's currently in her 14th week of pregnancy.

Coleen Garcia

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On May 1, not-so-newlyweds Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford finally let everyone in on a secret. Coleen is almost halfway through being pregnant with their first child. They've known since before 2020 started. "It's been quite a ride since then!" the first time preggo shared.

Lara Guigaman

Beauty queen and actress Lara Quigaman and husband Marco Alcaraz introduced a surprised guest in their first family vlog, which was uploaded on their YouTube channel on April 30. The surprise guest is baby number three in Lara's tummy. She's currently 18 weeks pregnant.

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Regine Angeles

Regine Angeles dropped many hints on her Instagram—missing being pregnant and cradling her tummy in a family portrait—before finally announcing that she and husband Victor Leano are welcoming baby number two soon! The actress is currently 13 weeks pregnant.

Iya Villania

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Just as January ended, Iya Villania and Drew Arellano announced that baby number three is on the way. Now six months into her third pregnancy, Iya is still keeping active and exercising at home—and she's not doing it to keep the weight off.

Isabel Oli

On March 29, Isabel Oli and husband, actor-director John Prats are due to welcome their third child in July. "I can't help but thank God even in the midst of this pandemic," Isabel wrote. The couple has two older kids, Feather, four, and Freedom, one.

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Max Collins

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Max Collins and husband Pancho Magno are having a boy! Currently in Australia, the first-time preggo is keeping herself busy by doing light exercises and prenatal yoga, which can help prepare her for a natural birth. She recently decided to try for a water birth.

Joy W. Sotto

Joy W. Sotto is pregnant with baby number six. Yes, she and husband Gian Sotto already have four boys and one girl and are expecting another addition to their family. The couple broke the news to their brood via a Pinoy Henyo game. Watch and see how the kids reacted!

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Dianne Medina

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Just in time for Easter this year, Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz announced that they're soon-to-be first-time parents. "We couldn't be more thankful to our God for blessing us with this baby on the way." Dianne wrote. "Please pray together with us on this journey. God bless and protect us all!" she added.

Kryz Uy

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Kryz Uy and husband Slater Young have been lucky to squeeze in a babymoon in Siargao when Kryz was just six months pregnant. They're now quarantined in their beautiful home in Cebu, waiting for another month till they welcome their first baby.

Martine Cajucom Ho

The Sunnies creative director announced she's "growing a human" early in February. Martine Ho announced her pregnancy with a baby bump in a bright orange malliot. She's now 35 weeks into the pregnancy, and her Instagram is filled with sexy preggy portraits.

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Mags Hall Younghusband

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Pro-football player Phil Younghusband's wife is 35 weeks into the pregnancy and is thankful for all the support from her family. "I feel empowered, and I believe that every woman who will give birth during this difficult time will have to recognize their strength, their ability, and their purpose. We can do this!" Mags wrote on an Instagram post.