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11 Pinays Share Their Favorite Dads From Local And Foreign Movies

These onscreen dads made us laugh and cry—sometimes at the same time!
Side-by-side photos of famous movie dads in Miracle in Cell No. 7 and Finding Nemo.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Miracle in Cell No. 7/Next Entertainment World, (RIGHT) Finding Nemo/Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios

Happy Father's Day to all father figures! For our dads' special day, we asked Pinays in our Cosmo Mixers Facebook group to share their favorite movie made them appreciate their dads even more. What movie makes you think of your dad, each time you watch it?

  1. "I love Finding Nemo because despite his overprotectiveness and fear of pretty much *everything*, Marlin finds the courage to do every single thing possible to find and rescue his son Nemo." – Andie
  2. "Mine is Miracle In Cell No. 7, both the OG Korean movie and the Filipino remake! Grabe, iba yung *sakit* ng Pinoy remake starring Aga Muhlach. The fact that the movie used tatay instead of "papa" or "daddy" to refer to the father hit so close to home for me. After the movie, ushers outside the cinema were legit handing out tissues to the audience." – Lily
  3. "Taken! Grabe yung pinagdaanan niya just to find his daughter. He's so intelligent and fearless! I also admired how the movie portrayed Liam Neeson to be a tough and overprotective father, but deep inside [he] can be fun and cool too. Kinda reminds me of my own dad, lol!" – Lou
  4. "A Walk To Remember when Shane West drove to his dad who was a doctor and they made amends huhu." – Ysabel
  5. "Big Daddy. This was the first VHS that Papa bought for us featuring a Dad as a main character and seriously, Adam Sandler is like Papa. He is very funny and mischievous." – Paola
  6. "[The Little Mermaid]. My dad and my mom live in the states and I don't get to see them a lot outside of FaceTime. I appreciate their brand of tough love and encouragement. Anything that involves a dad showing love to his daughter gets me in tears every time." – Ti
  7. "Captain Phillips (starring Tom Hanks). My dad is a ship captain who passes by the coast of Somalia frequently, and the pirates in the movie are from there. Immediately after the movie ended, I cried so hard and called him! “Dad, please don’t die. Dad, please be safe!!!” in between hagulgol. He laughed and told me to calm down, as the Coast Guard has become much stricter with Somalian piracy." – Chandra
  8. "My dad is a lot like Harry in Armageddon: grumpy, protective, logical to a fault. He's not good at feelings. All of these, I got from him, lol! He's super flawed but I always feel loved. It's more than enough!" – Ysa
  9. "Life is Beautiful! Made me laugh and cry! I was amazed and moved how the Jewish father in the movie protected his son all throughout the Holocaust ordeal. He made the whole experience fun for his son by turning it into a game where they can win a tank in the end. It shows how far dads can go to protect their kids." – Dianne
  10. "[A] super old movie, but it's Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko by FPJ and Judy Ann Santos!!! grabe yung father's love doon, so pure. [It] never fails to make me cry every single time!" – Michiko
  11. "Father of the Bride and Cheaper by the Dozen (basically Steve Martin's dad persona super reminds me of my dad)." – Rissa
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