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Pinays Talk About Their First Local Celebrity ~*Childhood Crushes*~

'I am not exaggerating when I say that his presence is mesmerizing.'

I don't know about you, but my childhood was filled with many *fun* after-school activities such as eating meryenda, playing outside with friends, and, yes, waiting for my favorite actors to appear on TV. Remember those ~simpler~ times? With the absence of Netflix, limited internet, and next to no social media, we mostly turned to TV for entertainment. 

We asked Cosmo Girls to tell us about their first Pinoy celebrity crushes! From 'bad boys' to ~angelic~ faces, here are 20 #throwback heartthrobs we fangirled over as kids and teenagers: 

1. Rico Yan 

"I loved his overall nice guy vibe! Kahit never ko siya na-meet parang feel ko ang bango bango niya and sobrang gentleman. I liked his Got 2 Believe movie with Claudine Barretto!" Louise 

"Rico Yan 'cos of his dimples and smile! Back when I was younger, I thought Rico Yan perfectly embodied the word 'pogi' and 'crush ng bayan.'"Inna

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2. Japoy Lizardo 

"Japoy Lizardo ever since the famous Milo commercial. I guess mainly because he kind of reminded me of Hua Ze Lei (who was also my childhood crush), but later on crush ko na siya because he was very handsome and charming in his own right, too."Jane

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3. John Lloyd Cruz 

"Before Ha Neul, Seo Joon, and Bo Gum, there was John Lloyd Cruz. Grabe mula noong naging love team sila ni Bea Alonzo sa teleserye, hanggang One More Chance 1 at 2, dalang-dala ako sa mata ni oppa. Tapos si Miggy Montenegrong chaebol jerk pero ang pogi pogi nakoooo."Ginyn

4. Patrick Garcia 

"Not only was he super cute and insanely talented as a young actor back in the '90s, he had that parted-down-the-middle heartthrob hair that was so hot at the time LOL."Cheekie 

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"PATRICK FREAKING GARCIA 'cause duh have you seen his smile?!?! Also consistent ako: I like masungit boys and girls. Ganoon lagi roles niya dati."Ysa

"I even named my first ever puppy Carlo! Remember his Tender Juicy commercial? 'Dear Diary, Carlo sat beside me today.' Memorize ko pa yung lines until today!"Nikka

5. Daniel Padilla 

"During my teens, Daniel Padilla! To the point na I promised myself na next jowa ko kapangalan niya. Natupad nga kaso 'di meant-to-be."Than

"I started fangirling during his Growing Up days! I even attended his former band Parking 5's gigs, Kris TV guestings, and fan meets! Tapos ang saya saya ko pa dati sa signed Batman T-shirt na giveaway sa events niya."Dianne 

Childhood Celebrity Crush: Daniel Padilla
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6. Sam Concepcion 

"I have a physical copy of his Forever Young EP, and I even edited photos to make it look like we were together."Steph

"Sam Concepcion especially when he played Troy Bolton in the High School Musical play!"Elle 

"It was this song for me."Janice

7. Piolo Pascual 

"It was and always will be Piolo Pascual. This was 'cause I was obsessed with the teleserye Sa Piling Mo. When I started working at ABS-CBN I told myself that I would not leave until I saw him, and funny enough I saw him twice during my two-year stay there...I am not exaggerating when I say that his presence is mesmerizing."Andrea 

Childhood Celebrity Crush: Piolo Pascual
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8. Richard Gutierrez 

"I remember being so invested in Mulawin with my friends in elementary school! Also, palagi siya nasa cover ng Candymag during those days."Grace

9. Dingdong Dantes 

"Dingdong Dantes as a child because of mga teleserye niya with Tanya Garcia, Antoinette Taus, and Karylle na pinapanood ng mom ko."Mixi

10. Aga Muhlach 

"Si Aga Mulach yung unang konsepto ko ng gwapo!"Retty

"Aga Muchlach! Nag-Jollibee ako kahit iba favorite ko at marami-rami rin ako na-donate na laruan LOL."Janessa

11. Carlo Aquino 

"Ang cute niya sa G-mik e!"Noela

12. Tom Taus

"Because he was Prince Cedie and I was Princess Sarah."Bianca

13. AJ Perez 

"I used to really, really like angelic-looking guys...I went to his wake, too."Jayzeel

14. Rainier Castillo 

"My press release answer is Carlo Aquino pero sa totoo lang, si Rainier Castillo talaga probably because of his Jerry Yan hair from before."Cheska

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15. Jericho Rosales 

"Until now!"Karen

16. Stefano Mori 

"Super loved that 'bad boy' look and attitude."—Pau

17. Danilo Barrios 

"Danilo Barrios, one of the OGs ng Streetboysand I embarrassingly stan his iconic thick eyebrows!"Kare

18. Victor Basa 

"For some weird reason na hindi ko maintindihan, crush na crush ko si Victor Basa. Baka kasi ka-love team niya at one point si Carla Humphries tapos medyo kapangalan ko hahaha IDEK really."Karla

19. John Pratts 

"Because of G-mik!"Jen 

20. Dino Guevarra 

"Super inis na inis ako kay Kim Delos Santos before because I super liked Dino...Kamukha kasi sya nung ex ko, e nung time na 'yon hindi pa kami ng ex ko so parang ini-imagine ko siya 'yon! Hay nako, high school life, oh my high school life."Anna


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