10 Pinays Share The Horror Movie Plot Twists That Still Give Them The Creeps

These will keep you up at night, promise!
An image still from the 2004 Thai horror film, 'Shutter.'
PHOTO: Shutter/Golden Village Pictures Pte Ltd

We've all experienced that *one* horror story ending that still gives us the creeps. You know the one we're talking about—it haunts you every time you enter the bathroom (or a dark room) at night. The plot twist makes you look over your shoulder each time you remember it, even if you're home alone (or are you?...just kidding).

We asked Pinays in our Cosmo Mixers Facebook group to share what scary movie plot twist still keeps them up at night—warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Us

"I kinda *called it* but in the film Us when it's revealed that Adelaide and Red actually switched places when they were kids, during their first meeting!" – Lily

2. Shutter

"I'm not into horror movies but the girl at the shoulder of the man still give me creeps in Shutter (Thai film)." – Paola

"Shutter!!!! HAHAHA. Scarred for life." – Retty

"Shutter (Thai film) always and forever huhuhuhu. [I] was thinking maybe something like this is happening to me since my back aches always. Only to find out I have scoliosis, haha." – Denise

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3. Get Out

[When Rose asks Chris, “You know I can’t give you the keys, right babe?”] "After this STUNNING performance, I forgave Allison Williams for all the stress she caused me as Marnie on Girls, lol." – Ysa

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4. Feng Shui

"The ending part where Kris Aquino's children, husband and best friend were dead na pala! They were part of the car accident pero she thought (we all thought!) buhay pa sila. *goosebumps* [I] wasn't able to sleep for more than a week noon! Had a trauma sa pagtingin ng feng shui mirror and lotus feet, lol." – Bea

5. Sinister

"Turns out the missing kids from the families that occupied the house were the ones that murdered their family members before disappearing completely. May curse yung house na whoever lives there, it'll possess one kid to kill his/her family. So by Ellison Oswalt moving his family into that house, [he] actually nominated them as the next victims. PALAKPAK AKO DIYAN. HUHUHU" – Anya

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6. Annabelle: Creation

"Annabelle: Creation! I’ve been a fan of horror movies since I was 8 and damn this is the one that really scared me. Scary scene after scary scene after scary scene!! P.S., I’m scared of dolls too [so] probably that’s why this movie scared the crap out of me." – Flores

7. The Others

"A mom and her two children are living in this house together with their three new servants. They start experiencing some supernatural occurrences and seeing/sensing "ghosts", so naturally they think their house is haunted. When they find the headstones with their servants' names, and their servants' photo in the book of the dead (a book with pictures of dead people), they realize that they've died and are actually ghosts as well. The "ghosts" they've been encountering are actually a human family living in the house." – Aly

8. Gerald's Game

"There was this weird disfigured man sa latter part na you think is part of the main character's hallucinations, tapos totoo pala siya." – Misha

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