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Pinays Reveal What It's Like Being The Only One In Their Barkada Who Doesn't Watch K-Dramas

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This article is dedicated to everyone out there who feels OP when they're with a group of K-drama fans. Before I got sucked into the world of K-entertainment, I knew next to nothing about this genre. "Who is this...Song Joong Ki? What is a ~goblin~?" These were questions I literally wanted to ask out loud to a teammate of mine who was obsessed with K-culture. So, yes, I know how it feels to not ~get~ Korean dramas.

If you think K-Dramaland really just isn't your cup of tea (which, btw, is TOTALLY FINE), read on because you are not alone. Here are accounts by real Pinays who've had to deal with being the only one in their barkada who doesn't watch K-dramas.

"My friends aren't K-drama fans but my officemates are! Sometimes they talk about K-drama and K-pop stars over the lunch break, and I'm just sitting there silent at the table. Wala e, I've got nothing to contribute to the conversation." –Louise

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"Just a lot of kilig and references I cannot relate to. And then they spiral into a long conversation about it that I further cannot relate to. But seeing how kilig and happy they are talking about it is amusing. They fangirl like teenagers". Jopie

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"I didn't know what the Korean heart was until I was made to do it at the Christmas party." Timmy

"Not sure kung minumura ako or they're reciting Korean actors' names..." Audrey

"Nodding and smiling when I only watch one drama once in a blue moon. Plus I'm more preoccupied with K-pop anyway." Erika

"I always have friends or even relatives say, ''Di mo pa pinapanood sinabi ko sa'yo, no?'" Gillian

"Friends: *Started talking in Korean* Me: …." Hannah

"Yung dalawa silang nanonood tapos ikaw yung hinahampas kapag kinikilig sila both. #reallifeexperience" Angel

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