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The Internet Is Calling Out A 'PBB' Contestant For ~Forcing~ A Fellow Housemate To Admit That He's Gay

PHOTO: YouTube/Pinoy Big Brother

Reality show Pinoy Big Brother has a new batch of housemates for its fourth special season, Pinoy Big Brother: Otso. During their first week inside the house, housemate Mae Alfante (22) from Davao told everyone, "Akala ko bakla si Sky... noong first day lang."

She was referring to Sky Quizon (21), who's from Tarlac. But after making that statement, she still teased him and made comments such as "Medyo nagdadalawang-isip na ako sayo...lalaki ka ba?" and "Hindi ako makapaniwala na lalaki ka pala." She even talked about it with other female housemates, who agreed with her. 


On their 18th day inside the house, the other contestants noticed that Sky brought lotion with him, and they talked about how he also had moisturizer and other skincare products. Mae made another comment, saying, "Parang bakla talaga.

"Stereotype si Mae e. Stereotyping," Sky said in response. "So 'pag hindi pasok doon sa masculine na pananaw niya, bakla na. Sakit 'yan sa lipunan."

The different incidents gained flak on Twitter, with people saying that it was not Mae's obligation to *help* Sky admit that he's gay and that no one should be forced to explain their sexuality because it's their business and no one else's. 

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Big Brother aka "Kuya" called Mae into the confession room and asked what exactly she wanted to "help" Sky with. Mae said, "[Na] aminin, Kuya, kung lalaki po ba siya talaga po. 'Di ko po alam."

Big Brother then explained to Mae that someone's sexuality is a sensitive topic and that her previous experiences don't give her the authority to "out" someone. Mae apologized and said, "Mali po na nanghusga 'yon po yung nasabi ko sa kanya." Afterwards, Mae also apologized to Sky in person. 

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