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WATCH: This Pinay Shares How She Became A Photographer + Writer For Korean And Thai Events

For a lot of fans, gaining access to meet their favorite idols seems like a far-fetched dream, but for Ruth, it's actually part of her job. In Episode 17 of the Fangirl Diaries, Ruth, a 24-year-old multimedia artist, concert photographer, and vlogger, shares her many #SanaAll experiences in covering Korean and Thai events as a photographer and writer.

"In 2017, I became a global correspondent on their There, I [wrote] articles about Korean entertainment," Ruth tells Cosmopolitan. "In the same year, I was asked to cover the K-pop Republic 2. At first, I was really afraid, not only because it's my first time to cover an event, but also because I [had] no idea how to use a professional camera! So the photos and videos that I got from the event were really not that good. But even though I did not do well in the event, a lot of opportunities actually opened."

Since then, she's been to numerous events and concerts, has interviewed her favorite idols, and even got take memorable photos with them (Fun fact: Her favorite idol encounter is with Kim Myung Soo and she was able to score a cute selfie with him.)! But one thing Ruth stresses in covering these events is to always be professional. She never lets her fangirling get in the way of her actual job, and for those who aspire to get into the same field as her, this is the thing they should keep in mind: "You have to control your feels, especially kung yung favorite artist mo yung nandiyan. 'Di ka pwedeng mag-fangirl, you have to work first before fangirling."

Another tip she shares is to not let your inexperience get in the way of chasing your dreams: "For those who are afraid because they think that their skills are not yet in the pro level, don't worry. You'll get there. Remember that I started not knowing anything about concert photography, but now I have my works published in newspapers and other websites. So tiyaga tiyaga lang, darating rin tayo diyan."

To know more about Ruth's super-cool job in the Korean and Thai events industry, check out Episode 17 of the Fangirl Diaries below:

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VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. LopezAndie Estella, Lily Grace Tabanera and Louise Ferrer

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