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OMG, There's Actually A Pinoy Mobile Game Called 'Cooking Ng Ina Mo'

PHOTO: Cooking Ng Ina Mo/Ranida Games

Do you love cooking traditional lutong-bahay Filipino dishes? Or maybe, like me, you're a fan of EATING them and now you want to learn how to MAKE them. Pinoy company Ranida Games has released a mobile game called Cooking Ng Ina Mo, which is available for both Android and iOS. 

The game is described as "a fun and addicting word game where your knowledge of Filipino food is put to the test." In Cooking Ng Ina Mo, players are shown different ingredients and they have to guess what iconic Pinoy dish can be created using them. So far, we've seen sisig, sinigang, menudo, adobo, and kare kare. The game has different levels and you can even *unlock* recipes as a reward!

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Ranida Games is also the company behind the Pinoy fighting game Bayani and the official PBA-themed basketball game PBA Philippine Slam.

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