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8 Pinoy Indie Movies You Can Totally Watch On iWant TV

PHOTO: Baka Bukas/Cinema One Originals

Take it from someone who's tried it out—it's a struggle to look for those really good independent movies once they've had their run. It doesn't help that some of them only see the light of day through film festivals or a single showing in a special movie theater far from where you live, especially when these stories deserve so much more attention than the time they're given. Luckily, you won't have to settle for those rare pop-up showings anymore, because iWant TV's got quite the selection of local indie movies in their arsenal, and counting.

Don't know where to start? Below are eight interesting and compelling indie films that you can now catch up on!

1. Changing Partners (2017)

Starring: Sandino Martin, Agot Isidro, Anna Luna, and Jojit Lorenzo

Based on the Palanca Award-winning musical by Vincent de Jesus, Changing Partners attempts to prove the universality of love. It starts out in the midst of a breakup between Alex and Cris, a couple whose ups-and-downs we subsequently experience through the lens of four varying relationships, regardless of age, sexuality, or gender. 

2. Si Chedeng At Si Apple (2017)

Starring: Elizabeth Oropesa and Gloria Diaz

Apple, who beheads her live-in partner, and Chedeng, who comes out to her family after her husband's death, set out together on a fanciful escapade to find Chedeng's ex-girlfriend while carrying around with them the severed head in a Louis Vuitton bag.

3. Ang Larawan (2017)

Starring: Rachel Alejandro, Celeste Legaspi, Joanna Ampil, and Paulo Avelino


An adaptation of Nationa Artist Nick Joaquin's play, Ang Larawan is a musical drama that follows the story of two sisters torn between their financial trouble and selling their celebrated father's last painting, one that served as a gift to both girls.

4. Bakwit Boys (2018)

Starring: Vance Larena, Nikko Natividad, Devon Seron, and Ryle Paolo Santiago

After losing everything to a typhoon, four brothers are forced to leave their home and attempt to start anew in another town, with only a guitar and their musical chops to hopefully help them rise above.

5. Ekstra (2013)

Starring: Vilma Santos

Ekstra takes us into the brutally realistic workings of the local film industry. Vilma Santos plays a hardworking mother who'll try out for just about any acting job in order to pay for the bills, not to mention her daughter's college tuition. She soon finds out that the entertainment world isn't as glamorous as the movies.

6. Kabisera (2016)

Starring: Nora Aunor, Ricky Davao, Jason Abalos, and JC de Vera

Relevant until today, this socio-political drama revolves around the plight of a Filipino family caught in the middle of a slew of extra-judicial killings and the politician enforcing them.

7. Baka Bukas (2016)

Starring: Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Louise delos Reyes

Finding themselves on the verge of becoming something more, two childhood best friends navigate their relationship after one of them finally comes out to the other. However, with the industry that they work in, it turns out that being together won't come easy.

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8. 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (2017)

Starring: Khalil Ramos, Jameson Blake, and Ethan Salvador

This coming-of-age drama centers on introverted and socially recluse Felix, an over-achiever at school but an under-achiever at his social life. His whole world changes when the rebellious, half-American Snyder brothers take him under their wing and into the workings of their dark motives. 


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