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WATCH: These Pinoy Titas And Titos Talking About Their Favorite K-Dramas And Actors Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

When did you start becoming a K-drama fan? My ~early beginnings~ were in 2005 when ABS-CBN aired the *super* tragic Memories Of Bali, and it opened my eyes to a different side of Asianovelas apart from the phenomenal Meteor Garden. Now, I can't sleep without watching an episode or two, LOL! While I love fangirling with my chingus about the latest Korean shows, I am happy to share that I discovered a bunch of K-drama fans who started in the same *era* as me!

Tito NiksTito Nestor, Tita Tetchie, Tita Candy, and Tita Mina are OG fans in their 40s and 60s who have been watching K-dramas back when they were still called Koreanovelas. Some of the series that started their love for the Korean wave include Jewel In The Palace, Coffee Prince, Stairway To Heaven, Baker King, Memories Of Bali, Lovers In Parisand Full House. In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, they mentioned the time when there were no streaming platforms yet and had to rely on CDs that had "sablay na English subtitles"! #Relatable

One of our K-drama titos shared that her daughter is also into what he loves and that she even traveled to South Korea. Another tita said naman that K-dramas helped her cope with the pandemic stress and anxiety. Hearing them say this makes my heart so warm and made me realize that K-dramas really go beyond the visual appeal—the overall experience while watching them is what makes these series fun and unforgettable.

Ready to be moved by these OG fans? Watch this video by Kat Noble as our titos and titas tell why they love K-dramas and reveal their all-time favorite actors, plus a *super* cute guessing game! You will be smiling all throughout the video, promise. <3

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