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Just 10 Of The *Most Hilarious* Moments From Pinoy Reporters

Remember Doris Bigornia and the *literal* catfight?
funny pinoy reporter moments: karen davila and doris bigornia

With everything that's been going on, the local news can sometimes be as scary as a horror film or as grim as a dystopian movie. You see people running away from a forest fire, pandemic numbers that get worse by the day, and scenes of what's brewing to be another war. But as with anything that happens in front of the camera, reporters on national TV also commit funny mistakes that can get the audience laughing, if only for a while. Sometimes, these hilarious bloopers even become memes or GIFs the next day!

Check out some of the funniest moments from local news reports:

1. Doris Bigornia with a literal catfight


In the early months of 2020, journalists were just getting used to doing their news reports from their own work-from-home desks. Pets, however, didn't get the memo. During the May 15 episode of SRO: Suhestiyon, Reaksyon, Opinyon on Teleradyo, Doris Bigornia was interviewing Ayala Land Malls Inc. CEO Jennylle Tupaz but the reporter's cats decided to steal the spotlight—the feline creatures had a literal catfight in front of the (web) camera for all the world to see. 

2. Kuya Kim's laughing fit during a weather report

While doing his usual weather segment on TV Patrol on August 5, Kim Atienza (a.k.a. Kuya Kim) had an uncontrollable laughing fit on national television. Viewers had no idea what happened there, but it was later shared by Star Patrol anchor Gretchen Fullido that she dared him to slide in the word "tinapay" during his report that night (he says it at 0:23 and starts his laughing fit at 0:32). (But it turns out that it was Kuya Kim's idea to start with.) Of course, he managed to say the magic word in the middle of a weather report, of all things; but he wasn't able to stop laughing afterwards. 

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3. Karen Davila's "Oh my god!" during an interview with Lyca Gairanod

ABS-CBN news anchor Karen Davila is known for putting politicians on the hot seat with some of the hard questions that need to be asked. But the veteran journalist had everyone amused during an interview with Lyca Gairanod. A clip of Karen exclaiming "Oh my god!" after finding out that the The Voice Kids' winner has the same birthday as her went around social media on August 16, and people can't get enough of her high-energy reaction and Lyca's confused expression.

4. Mang Tani Cruz accidentally calls a reporter by a typhoon name

GMA's resident meteorologist Nathaniel Augustin Cruz (a.k.a. Mang Tani) has had his share of bloopers on live television, too. During a weather report in July 2018, he mistakenly called Balitanghali reporter Jun Veneracion "Josie," the typhoon's local name. The anchor asked Mang Tani how long the weather disturbance would stay in the Philippines, to which the weather reporter answered: "Yes, Josie! Ah, Josie tuloy...Yes, Jun." He was able to continue his report while trying to control his laughter.


5. Bernadette Sembrano about to throw a piece of paper

It's a common trick among reporters to throw away used scripts to avoid reading them again on television. During a bumper before another segment on TV Patrol in May 2015, Bernadette Sembrano crumpled hers and attempted to throw it away, only to be caught on camera. Realizing that the spotlight was already on her and her co-anchor Alvin Elchico, she just pretended to fix her hair with the crumpled paper still in her hands.

6. Jiggy Manicad utters "pagdagsa ng mga tae" instead of "tao"

Jiggy Manicad was reporting from the field during the Million People March held in Makati City in 2013. During a live broadcast for GMA News TV's Quick Response Team, he narrated the series of events during the protest against pork barrel: "Nakita rin natin iyong pagdagsa rin ng mga tae...sorry po, ng mga tao."

7. Mike Enriquez addresses himself as "Mel" during the closing spiel


In November 2012, Mike Enriquez called himself "Mel" during the closing spiels. "Ako po si Mel...o si Mike. Si Mel! Si Mike Enriquez," he said. The real Mel Tiangco, his co-anchor, chimed in, "Ako si Mel ha."

8. Michael Fajatin using "tapos" in a sentence 

One of the most admirable skills of live reporters is that they're really quick on their feet, especially when they have to do their spiel on the fly. But in 2007, Saksi reporter Michael Fajatin seemed to have his words jumbled during a live report about a rally in Mendiola. "Pasado alas-otso nang tahimik na mag-disperse ang mga rallyista sa San Sebastian. Ngunit matapos ang ilang negosasyon. Ito'y matapos na nag-disperse sila. Pagkatapos nito, a, hindi na sila nag-away. Nag-away kasi sila sa simula. Pagkatapos nito'y nagkaroon sila ng pag-aaway sa simula," he said in front of the camera. 

9. Jeff Canoy casually blocks Jorge Cariño on camera


During Jorge Cariño's news report on Umagang Kay Ganda in March 2020, Jeff Canoy accidentally walked in front of the camera. He immediately stepped back and Jorge continued his spiel as if nothing happened. Co-anchors Amy Castillo and Jeff made fun of what happened in their Instagram accounts. "May pogi na dumaan," posted @jeffcanoy.

10. Gem Avancena gets pranked during a Halloween special 

TV5 journalist Gem Avancena reported about an abandoned mansion-turned-horror house in Cebu for a Halloween special in November 2018, and it looks like the attraction was really scary, especially when the reporter herself screamed at the top of her lungs while inside a room with the creepiest toys. Gem also tweeted about it: "Yung ibang reporter, nakilala dahil sa husay nila sa pagsusulat, sa buwis buhay na coverage, etc. Ako? Jusme. Sa laruan."



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