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Taylor's 'Wildest Dreams' MV Director Reacts To Pinoy Version Made By Students

FYI, it was part of a class requirement!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Youtube/Taylor Swift, (RIGHT) Youtube/Gemo Edits

We've always known that Taylor Swift has a huge and extremely dedicated Pinoy fanbase, but this extra *extra* music video recreation is on a whole. nother. level.

The video, which was a class project "submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements in the subject Multimedia and Information Literacy," recreates Taylor's 2015 music video in excruciating detail.

To refresh your memory, here's the OG version released five years ago:

And here's the local version, which was directed by students Alanis Renei Berja and Jerome Cortez:

The original music video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who even tweeted about the local version after it went viral on social media. "Filipino Wildest Dreams just ended me," he wrote in his post.

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It was definitely a team effort though, with the cinematographer and cast credited in the video description.

For more fun details, check out these follow up tweets by one of the directors, Jerome Cortez:

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