You Have To Watch The Adorable Trailer For Pixar's First Film With Pinoy Leads

The animated short film is called 'Float.'

Growing up, you probably saw a lot of films and television shows with characters you wanted to be like. While appearance is skin-deep and it's really the story's values that stick with you, it doesn't hurt to see someone who looks like you on the big screen. Bonus points if they understand cultural references you never thought you'd see in media!

Representation is important, and Filipinos are getting some big screen time: Pixar is releasing six animated short films, and one of them, entitled Float, features Filipino leads.

The announcement was made on Pixar's Twitter page.

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Float, directed by Filipino-American Bobby Rubio, is about a father who discovers that his child is different from other kids: His son can hover in the air. The film is one out of six animated short films in the SparkShorts collection, a Pixar artists' project that will launch on November 12 on Disney+.

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