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Planning To Hoard Makeup Abroad? Bureau Of Customs Says 'Know Your Limit'

Read this if you don't want the additional hassle.
PHOTO: Instagram/Cosmopolitan Philippines

As Filipinos abroad are returning home for the holidays, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) has shared important guidelines on the amount of cosmetics and toys that can be brought into the country.

"According to BOC guidelines, passengers bringing home items for personal use have to limit their perfumes to five bottles, lipstick to 10 pieces, shampoo/lotion/bar soap to two kilograms each, and assorted cosmetics to one kilogram," reports the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The report notes: "Overseas Filipino workers and tourists coming back to the Philippines should consider consulting the BOC's infographic [see below] on the quantity limit on items that do not have clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health (DOH)."

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Bottom line: If you go over the BOC limit with products that are not approved by the FDA and the DOH, then your purchases will be taken away. You will most likely be required to obtain a clearance from the two agencies to have your items back.

And it's not just your overseas perfume and makeup haul that should be limited.

Only 10 pieces of toys are allowed while "childcare articles" and "household hazardous substances" such as detergent and fabric softeners should be limited to five kilograms.