PNoy Sent Flowers To Pia Wurtzbach To Wish Her Good Luck In The Miss Universe Pageant


Miss Universe Philippines Pia Wurtzbach revealed on Tonight With Boy Abunda that President Benigno Aquino III sent her flowers to wish her good luck before flying to Las Vegas for the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant.

When host Boy Abunda asked if the president wished her luck, Pia coyly answered, “Well, Tito Boy, he already did.”

The beauty queen revealed, "I was very surprised because I was out of town for a few days. I come home and usually ‘yung mga guwardiya ‘dun sa condo ko, if the tenant is not there, they don’t accept any parcels or anything because they don’t wanna be held responsible if it gets lost. But then I come in after a few days of not being home. And then they say, 'Ah, meron po ditong something para sa inyo. Bulaklak po.

"And I’m thinking like, ‘What?! Akala ko ba bawal?’ And then sinabi ko Sige, iakyat niyo na lang.’ Pagod na pagod na rin ako. Madaling araw na. Pag-akyat ko, [maynag-doorbell ganyan. I couldn’t even wait to find out who it was from ‘cause I was thinking, ‘Kanino galing ‘to?’ So I open it [the card] right away and then it’s there. It’s hand-written as well. So I was like, ‘Ok.’ So I close the door and I’m like, ‘HA!’

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“First time ko i-reveal ‘to, actually. Like I didn’t even Instagram it or anything because ang pagkakakilala kasi niya sa akin is that I don’t really reveal much about him and I respect him in that way: that whatever I know about him or whatever he knows about me is ‘yun na. But with regards to that, I really appreciate it. It was a sweet gesture, you know, even though that we’re just friends. And he, for some reason, he found out I was waiting [for] a good luck [from him] and so he did.”

Pia also clarified that she is NOT dating the president.

Hmm… but only time will tell.

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